ZorinOS 16.2 will not install on Dell XPS 13 9370 4k

Any update on this issue from a developer?

Same model (XPS 13 9370) -- same exact issue. Only difference is I don't have a Zorin OS 16.1 to update from. I had Zorin 15 Ultimate running on this device previously, so made the purchase of 16 Pro figuring it would run just as well.. am I better off just requesting a refund?

Sorry for reviving an old thread, thanks for any feedback!


Don't be sorry at all. It's these type of community engagements that assist all of us users/the community and the developers too. It's fruitful and factual.

Sorry go hear you guys having trouble booting from USB. I have had no issues from my side and that's recently installing on 3 different computers from USB. In the above argument is that regardless from what USB, he used 3 and same issue.

I do note in some forum postings here and elsewhere that Secure Boot can cause issues in the initial installation and should be disabled in BIOS/UEFI - I think Aravisian posted something in this regard not too long ago. I had to do this for one of the installations and a display driver issue with Nvidea however

Otherwise, incase you are noob like me in some instances, refer to Before you install guide before installing. :blush:

Greetings from South Africa all. :wave::earth_africa:

I actually just found the solution!
It seems like it may be an issue with handling 4k resolution monitors?

Solution for black screen bug in Zorin 16 install: For Dell XPS with hybrid gpu touch screen (intel hd) this is how you overcome the black screen after grub - Installing Zorin OS - Zorin Forum

This forum post (alongside selecting "Try or Install (safe graphics)" mode, fixed my issue!

It seems that forcing boot through a 1080p monitor was the fix. Still quite a pain to be honest, but it worked, so I'm content.

Thanks for the reply! Hopefully this helps anyone else experiencing the issue,



Ah I am glad. I was 'sort of' leaning on the right track. Display compatibility issue but glad you came right! Have an awesome day and awesome people here. :slight_smile:


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Unfortunately I'm not the original poster of the question!

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