ZorinOS Core 17.1 freezing problem

Hello, I just switched to ZorinOS. There is a momentary freeze for 1-2 seconds in browsers and games. Everything is up to date but the problem persists. What is the reason of this? I would be glad if you help.

System requirements :
Graphic Card : AMD Radeon RX 6600
Processor : Intel Core i3 12100-F
Motherboard : GIGABYTE H610 M H 3200MHZ DDR4
RAM : CORSAIR (2x8) 16 GB 3200MHZ Ram

Hello, the first thing to do is see if it's a Wayland issue. Try login into Xorg and test if the issue persist.
To login into Xorg: Logout. Click on account name, then click on the cog that will appear, then choose Gnome on Xorg. Then login.

I did what you said but the problem still persists.

If you a bit adventurous you could try with a different kernel which contains the driver(s) to your video card:

Or try a previous kernel see:

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When I tried a previous kernel the problem was resolved. Thank you for your help.