How to connect the HP laserjet 1020 plus printer to Zorin is?

First of all, I'm so lucky to get introduced to such a charming OS.
I installed it today. However, I'm completely new to using a Linux distro.
How to connect the printer to Zorin os, how to install the printer driver? I've hp laserjet 1020 plus

Hello Raj! Welcome to Zorin OS 16! :slightly_smiling_face:

You were not just introduced to a charming OS, but you were also introduced to a charming community. HEHE :grin:

I know exactly how to do that, especially since I literally just did it, yes, as in yesterday just did it. LOL! OK, ready to have some fun? Good, cause I am ready to have fun with you.

So, lets begin by going into our software center.

Please install Synaptic Package Manager...

Now, click on the :zorin: icon on bottom of your screen, and type Synaptic, and click on that to launch it. Enter your password when asked.

Now, on the right side of window, click on SEARCH type Printers Now scroll down till you see IFHP

You want to right click on that, and mark that happy driver for installation. And then once you have done that, click on the APPLY button.

Thats it, your laser printer driver is now happilly installed, so that your system can find your amazing HP laser printer, when you add it. And how do you do that you ask? Well, I am so glad you asked Raj. :grin:

Click the :zorin: again bottom of screen, then click on settings. Scroll to find printers, and click on it.

Now once your here, click on the ADD button. Follow the prompts to add your amazing printer!

I hope that my post has been super helpful for you, and provided the charming solution that you need, for your charming life with Zorin OS.


I think it is better to install HPLIPS.

Installing drivers in Synaptic could be tricky if mismatched.

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HPLIP was already installed by Zorin OS, probably cause I told Zorin installer to install drivers and software upon install of the OS. However, it did not install the laser printer reference driver.

Once I installed the needed driver in Synaptic, Zorin was then able to find the printer when I went to add it.

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I see that now.
The difference is that the direct download from HP site will give a much recent driver.
3.5.20 in Synaptic vs 3.21.10 from HP

It was my first time I noticed that HP gives Zorin in the drop-down list :slight_smile:

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I wasn't aware that Synaptic didn't have the latest driver. Well, thankfully, my HP laser printer is 20-years old, so it didn't need the latest and greatest version driver to operate it. But I can see how if somebody bought a brand spanken new HP laser printer, they probably will require the latest driver.

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Wow, older than ours!
Those old HP printers are amazingly robust.
Those were the days before the built-in obsolescence.
I decided to hang on to this ol' HP as long as I can.

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You remember my printer...

So glad I got this picture of it, before the recent rains decided to leak through the roof, and deposit some dirty water drops on it. It just needs a new cleaning is all. But ya, HP Laserjet 2100TN, with added second paper tray.


Thank you so much @StarTreker for mighty well & detailed reply to my question :blush::smiley:

Can you guide me after fresh installing the Zorin os, what more should I do to set it up?
& Where can I get complete knowledge about the terminal codes?
Thanks a lot again :blush::grin:

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You are very welcome! :smiley:

If you check the Tutorials & Guides category on this forum, you wil find all that you want to know about things to do after a fresh install.

I have a post on awesome extensions to try for Zorin OS...

Then there is...

And then there is this...

And then there is even this...

Regarding terminal commands...

If my post was the solution you were looking for, don't forget to mark my detailed post as solved. Thank you :+1:

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It was helpful indeed :smiley::blush:
Thanks a million :fireworks:
Yup, I liked your reply & got this as the best solution ever! :v:t2:


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