In quest for Linux compatible WiFi

Just make sure it is connected something faster than USB 3.0.


Just for your future reference, you might want to consider obtaining USB WiFi which works OOB in Linux.
I have some of those at hand to use in such emergency situations.

The chipsets to look for:
8188CUS(150bps), RT5370 (150bps), and RT5572 (300bps).


For anyone who is not able to get their WIFI to work, I concur, the best option is to buy a USB WIFI adapter that is made to work with Linux.

The problem with many computer manufactures, is they make their machines for Windows support only, its that whole exclusivity thing with Windows that I've always hated.

The good news is however, if there is no driver to make your internal adapter start working, then USB WIFI dongle is always an option. But like I said, make sure that it supports Linux in the description.


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Agreed, but some stick that are only compatible with windows/mac can also work in linux. I bought one 2 weeks ago, needed drivers to make it work.

This one is what i have and confirmed working:

This one is for Linux/Windows and mac

Why i have chosen for the "unsupported" wifi stick is because the speeds where much better. If you zoom in you see in picture 2 it only supports up to 300mbps. While the other one supports way more.

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I can totally understand that, more speed is better! But I have two questions, just out of curiosity really.

(1) Did you do actual speed tests between the two drives to see if there was any hard data showing speed differences?

(2) Did you do WIFI link analysis to see the strength of the signals, for each of them?

CONCLUSION: I am curious to know, which one is truly better, vs, the marketing hype on the boxes.

PS: Excellent taking pics of those boxes Michel, I love pictures, especially when people take the time to take pics of the boxes themselves! Like I did here!
Logitech, My Hero HEHE

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No i did not because i only needed 1 wifi stick.

Nice mouse, reminds me of a older logitech mouse i used to have.


You wouldn't believe how precise it is until you have actually tried it. It detects the slightest of movement, which is why its a good gaming mouse. But it can also get you into trouble if you so happen to accidentally click and drag a file into a folder you didn't mean to in Nautilus LMAO!

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Logitech has good stuff, 10 years ago i had this

Keyboard + Mouse: Logitech MX5500
5.1 dts surround system: Logitech Z5500

Later i bought this mouse Logitech MX500

I sold the Z5500 and till today i still regret it, it had such a good sound but didnt had room for it when i moved to my older home.


This is what will happen when you do not have a wife nagging at your computer expenses.

It is the end result of my quest for mini PCI network card compatible with Linux. All of them were from eBay including some used ones.


I think i see a wifi unit that my wife also had in her laptop before ms desided to kill it with a update. The one from hp

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I still have my Logitech Z5300 5.1 system. But I stopped using it, cause the SUB is just too loud, and the silly control that is supposed to raze and lower the SUB volume, barely makes any change either direction.

When someone is trying to sleep in the house, you don't want the SUB going. Plus, I also hated whenever the power went out, it reset everything on my surround sound system, because it had to FLASH memory onboard to remember settings.

I switched to using a single W-King speaker, which you can see in my command center picture, its truly amazing how far these new bluetooth speakers have come, that also have wired connectivity. You'd think that a single speaker would sound like garbage correct?

Well, its not a normal speaker though. Its got 4 active drivers, 2 tweeters, 2 woofer drivers, and its also got 2 passive radiaters on the sides. Don't ask me how it does it, but one speaker sounds like two.

And in some things, this speaker makes it sound like I got two speakers on the sides of the room, even though none are there, I figure the passive end to end radiators might be doing that.

Back to Logitech, I had a Logitech MX1000 Laser wireless mouse that last 7-years on the lithium battery till it gave up holding a charge longer then an hour.

I also ran a Logitech G700 wireless mouse for awhile, but that didn't even last longer then maybe 3-years before it started have wireless reception issues. I did run a previous Logitech wired mouse in the past, but I don't think it was a gaming mouse.

And the only Logitech keyboard I've ever used was one of those 2000's ara media keyboard, it wasn't mechanical. But without a doubt, the best Logitech mice I have ever used, are the ones I own now.

Logitech G502 Hero (WIRED), and Logitech MX Master 3 (Wireless)

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That is truly glorious! There is no greater sight, then to see so many kawaii pieces of PCB, all standing in formation, waiting to be picked from. HEHE

You and I both know, the only way MS could officially kill that card, was by instituting a firmware update to it. And since we both know that MS was updating your system, I have 0-doubt, they firmware updated that device to brick it. I hate MS!


Some HP laptops have this notorious White list.
If you replace the network card, it will refuse to boot.
I managed to override it by flashing it with mod-BIOS.

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Pffff good thing i trashed it and bought a wifi stick haha.

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I refused to give up one USB port just for WiFi.
That is why I took a route of mod-BIOS.

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That is pity.
You could have started a collection like mine :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Well i removed it out of the laptop and stored it somewhere. I used the wrong word :sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Maybe i should send it to you for your collection haha.


Thanks but I already have too many.

Anyway, you guys are lucky to have a break system (read, wife) who/which will keep your computer expenses in check :wink:

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Oh, wait.
Did I derail the discussion again? :sweat_smile:

Where the OP went?

I think I should split the thread.

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I think we all 3 did that :sweat_smile:


9-hours ago last reported sighting. Could be evidence they live across the world and just haven't woke up yet.

And FrenchPress, you do realize that whenever you derail a thread, you do so in a beautiful fashion. So who could complain, I know I don't! This forum could some of your personality, thats what I say! :grin: