Interesting failure on new install

Any ideas on what may have happened?

Laptop (Samsung 7700 ~2013) ran 16.3 Core with no issues.

Failed update to 17. (Sorry no picture of fail).

Bought pro, tried to do clean install.

Has been stuck as seen on picture after required restarting to complete install.

I am Not a Linux or zorin pro, but learning as I go.

From the NVIDIA fourm

Mostly it's appearing only on the 6.5.0-x kernals.

Boot up your machine once again and if you get stuck on this page then press n hold ctrl+alt+del.

Wait for the grub menu to appear then select the advanced options and choose the 6.2.0-x- generic kernel.

If it successfully boots up then follow this guide: [HOW TO] set an older kernel to default boot
to set 6.2.0-x as your default kernel.

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Well, before I saw this, figured I would try install again.

Used erase disk option for install.

Took a little longer, but clearly (and cleanly) installed Zorin pro.

On first use, software updater pops up and says updates available.

Ok.... Install updates it is....

40+ minutes later it is stuck on an endless loop here:

Won't allow me to cancel at this point.

Not sure what will happen if I close updater or restart computer.

If I have to reinstall, no big issue, and will read the article about booting to older kernel before I do so.

Is this related to same issue?

Thanks for the earlier reply

It's a different issue. I don't know what causing this.

Close the updater and restart your device. Open terminal and run:

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

This looks a great deal like a corrupted download of the .iso

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I recommend re-downloading the .iso from fresh. Check the SHA hash once completed. Then burn the .iso on a formatted USb stick, boot LiveUSB of Zorin OS and install.

FYI. Some basic pre-installation advice is posted here: Before you install