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Just posted an answer on another thread and found this disturbing news:

Worth reading - wonder which VOIP platforms will be targeted next?

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On Bleeping Computer:

… and this includes some open-source browsers such as ice-cat, waterfox, brave and loads more!

And Office365 compromise logins:

The image at the bottom of the page concerning successful attack goes to Zoom home page!

Just had an email from the co-ordinator of the local LUG (Linux User Group).
You should look at disabling snapd.

Anyone can gain control of your own machine using snapd. (As they can with telnet and finger.) Also a good idea to install sshguard. Install with:

sudo apt-get install sshguard iptables-persistent ufw

(Don’t bother with downloading the source …

[With acknowledgement to ShefLUG co-ordinator]


Just thought I would share with you the apps that got removed on removing snapd:

Waiting until unit snap.tor.tor.service is stopped [attempt 1]
snap.tor.tor.service is stopped.
Removing snap.tor.tor.service
Stopping snap-audacity-675.mount
Stopping unit snap-audacity-675.mount
Waiting until unit snap-audacity-675.mount is stopped [attempt 1]
snap-audacity-675.mount is stopped.
Removing snap audacity and revision 675
Removing snap-audacity-675.mount
Stopping snap-core-9665.mount
Stopping unit snap-core-9665.mount
Waiting until unit snap-core-9665.mount is stopped [attempt 1]
snap-core-9665.mount is stopped.
Removing snap core and revision 9665
Removing snap-core-9665.mount
Stopping snap-core-9804.mount
Stopping unit snap-core-9804.mount
Waiting until unit snap-core-9804.mount is stopped [attempt 1]
snap-core-9804.mount is stopped.
Removing snap core and revision 9804
Removing snap-core-9804.mount
Stopping snap-core18-1880.mount
Stopping unit snap-core18-1880.mount
Waiting until unit snap-core18-1880.mount is stopped [attempt 1]
snap-core18-1880.mount is stopped.
Removing snap core18 and revision 1880
Removing snap-core18-1880.mount
Stopping snap-core18-1885.mount
Stopping unit snap-core18-1885.mount
Waiting until unit snap-core18-1885.mount is stopped [attempt 1]
snap-core18-1885.mount is stopped.
Removing snap core18 and revision 1885
Removing snap-core18-1885.mount
Stopping snap-darktable-54.mount
Stopping unit snap-darktable-54.mount
Waiting until unit snap-darktable-54.mount is stopped [attempt 1]
snap-darktable-54.mount is stopped.
Removing snap darktable and revision 54
Removing snap-darktable-54.mount
Stopping snap-darktable-59.mount
Stopping unit snap-darktable-59.mount
Waiting until unit snap-darktable-59.mount is stopped [attempt 1]
snap-darktable-59.mount is stopped.
Removing snap darktable and revision 59
Removing snap-darktable-59.mount
Stopping snap-gnome\x2d3\x2d28\x2d1804-116.mount
Stopping unit snap-gnome\x2d3\x2d28\x2d1804-116.mount
Waiting until unit snap-gnome\x2d3\x2d28\x2d1804-116.mount is stopped [attempt 1]
snap-gnome\x2d3\x2d28\x2d1804-116.mount is stopped.
Removing snap gnome-3-28-1804 and revision 116
Removing snap-gnome\x2d3\x2d28\x2d1804-116.mount
Stopping snap-gnome\x2d3\x2d28\x2d1804-128.mount
Stopping unit snap-gnome\x2d3\x2d28\x2d1804-128.mount
Waiting until unit snap-gnome\x2d3\x2d28\x2d1804-128.mount is stopped [attempt 1]
snap-gnome\x2d3\x2d28\x2d1804-128.mount is stopped.
Removing snap gnome-3-28-1804 and revision 128
Removing snap-gnome\x2d3\x2d28\x2d1804-128.mount
Stopping snap-gtk2\x2dcommon\x2dthemes-13.mount
Stopping unit snap-gtk2\x2dcommon\x2dthemes-13.mount
Waiting until unit snap-gtk2\x2dcommon\x2dthemes-13.mount is stopped [attempt 1]
snap-gtk2\x2dcommon\x2dthemes-13.mount is stopped.
Removing snap gtk2-common-themes and revision 13
Removing snap-gtk2\x2dcommon\x2dthemes-13.mount
Stopping snap-inkscape-7821.mount
Stopping unit snap-inkscape-7821.mount
Waiting until unit snap-inkscape-7821.mount is stopped [attempt 1]
snap-inkscape-7821.mount is stopped.
Removing snap inkscape and revision 7821
Removing snap-inkscape-7821.mount
Stopping snap-inkscape-7947.mount
Stopping unit snap-inkscape-7947.mount
Waiting until unit snap-inkscape-7947.mount is stopped [attempt 1]
snap-inkscape-7947.mount is stopped.
Removing snap inkscape and revision 7947
Removing snap-inkscape-7947.mount
Stopping snap-kde\x2dframeworks\x2d5\x2dqt\x2d5\x2d14\x2dcore18-4.mount
Stopping unit snap-kde\x2dframeworks\x2d5\x2dqt\x2d5\x2d14\x2dcore18-4.mount
Waiting until unit snap-kde\x2dframeworks\x2d5\x2dqt\x2d5\x2d14\x2dcore18-4.mount is stopped [attempt 1]
snap-kde\x2dframeworks\x2d5\x2dqt\x2d5\x2d14\x2dcore18-4.mount is stopped.
Removing snap kde-frameworks-5-qt-5-14-core18 and revision 4
Removing snap-kde\x2dframeworks\x2d5\x2dqt\x2d5\x2d14\x2dcore18-4.mount
Stopping snap-libreoffice-183.mount
Stopping unit snap-libreoffice-183.mount
Waiting until unit snap-libreoffice-183.mount is stopped [attempt 1]
snap-libreoffice-183.mount is stopped.
Removing snap libreoffice and revision 183
Removing snap-libreoffice-183.mount
Stopping snap-libreoffice-191.mount
Stopping unit snap-libreoffice-191.mount
Waiting until unit snap-libreoffice-191.mount is stopped [attempt 1]
snap-libreoffice-191.mount is stopped.
Removing snap libreoffice and revision 191
Removing snap-libreoffice-191.mount
Stopping snap-meteo-108.mount
Stopping unit snap-meteo-108.mount
Waiting until unit snap-meteo-108.mount is stopped [attempt 1]
snap-meteo-108.mount is stopped.
Removing snap meteo and revision 108
Removing snap-meteo-108.mount
Stopping snap-okular-98.mount
Stopping unit snap-okular-98.mount
Waiting until unit snap-okular-98.mount is stopped [attempt 1]
snap-okular-98.mount is stopped.
Removing snap okular and revision 98
Removing snap-okular-98.mount
Stopping snap-riseup\x2dvpn-159.mount
Stopping unit snap-riseup\x2dvpn-159.mount
Waiting until unit snap-riseup\x2dvpn-159.mount is stopped [attempt 1]
snap-riseup\x2dvpn-159.mount is stopped.
Removing snap riseup-vpn and revision 159
Removing snap-riseup\x2dvpn-159.mount
Stopping snap-riseup\x2dvpn-161.mount
Stopping unit snap-riseup\x2dvpn-161.mount
Waiting until unit snap-riseup\x2dvpn-161.mount is stopped [attempt 1]
snap-riseup\x2dvpn-161.mount is stopped.
Removing snap riseup-vpn and revision 161
Removing snap-riseup\x2dvpn-161.mount
Stopping snap-snapd-8542.mount
Stopping unit snap-snapd-8542.mount
Waiting until unit snap-snapd-8542.mount is stopped [attempt 1]
snap-snapd-8542.mount is stopped.
Removing snap snapd and revision 8542
Removing snap-snapd-8542.mount
Stopping snap-snapd-8790.mount
Stopping unit snap-snapd-8790.mount
Waiting until unit snap-snapd-8790.mount is stopped [attempt 1]
snap-snapd-8790.mount is stopped.
Removing snap snapd and revision 8790
Removing snap-snapd-8790.mount
Stopping snap-terminology-889.mount
Stopping unit snap-terminology-889.mount
Waiting until unit snap-terminology-889.mount is stopped [attempt 1]
snap-terminology-889.mount is stopped.
Removing snap terminology and revision 889
Removing snap-terminology-889.mount
Stopping snap-terminology-894.mount
Stopping unit snap-terminology-894.mount
Waiting until unit snap-terminology-894.mount is stopped [attempt 1]
snap-terminology-894.mount is stopped.
Removing snap terminology and revision 894
Removing snap-terminology-894.mount
Stopping snap-thunderbird-73.mount
Stopping unit snap-thunderbird-73.mount
Waiting until unit snap-thunderbird-73.mount is stopped [attempt 1]
snap-thunderbird-73.mount is stopped.
Removing snap thunderbird and revision 73
Removing snap-thunderbird-73.mount
Stopping snap-thunderbird-76.mount
Stopping unit snap-thunderbird-76.mount
Waiting until unit snap-thunderbird-76.mount is stopped [attempt 1]
snap-thunderbird-76.mount is stopped.
Removing snap thunderbird and revision 76
Removing snap-thunderbird-76.mount
Stopping snap-tor-2.mount
Stopping unit snap-tor-2.mount
Waiting until unit snap-tor-2.mount is stopped [attempt 1]
snap-tor-2.mount is stopped.
Removing snap tor and revision 2
Removing snap-tor-2.mount
Stopping snap-tor\x2dmiddle\x2drelay-277.mount
Stopping unit snap-tor\x2dmiddle\x2drelay-277.mount
Waiting until unit snap-tor\x2dmiddle\x2drelay-277.mount is stopped [attempt 1]
snap-tor\x2dmiddle\x2drelay-277.mount is stopped.
Removing snap tor-middle-relay and revision 277
Removing snap-tor\x2dmiddle\x2drelay-277.mount
Stopping snap-youtube\x2dmusic\x2ddesktop\x2dapp-5.mount
Stopping unit snap-youtube\x2dmusic\x2ddesktop\x2dapp-5.mount
Waiting until unit snap-youtube\x2dmusic\x2ddesktop\x2dapp-5.mount is stopped [attempt 1]
snap-youtube\x2dmusic\x2ddesktop\x2dapp-5.mount is stopped.
Removing snap youtube-music-desktop-app and revision 5
Removing snap-youtube\x2dmusic\x2ddesktop\x2dapp-5.mount
Stopping snap-youtube\x2dmusic\x2ddesktop\x2dapp-6.mount
Stopping unit snap-youtube\x2dmusic\x2ddesktop\x2dapp-6.mount
Waiting until unit snap-youtube\x2dmusic\x2ddesktop\x2dapp-6.mount is stopped [attempt 1]
snap-youtube\x2dmusic\x2ddesktop\x2dapp-6.mount is stopped.
Removing snap youtube-music-desktop-app and revision 6
Removing snap-youtube\x2dmusic\x2ddesktop\x2dapp-6.mount
Final directory cleanup
Discarding preserved snap namespaces
Removing extra snap-confine apparmor rules

My thunderbird client 1 removed - thunderbird 2 client present but not configured/configurable to old email address - but I have all of that on my other Linux install.
Inkscape states removed but Inkscape still present!
LibreOffice gone - well no spy ware attached - will go back to the synaptic version. Think I will avoid the Store until futher notice!
Not aware of an issue with flatpak … yet!

Here’s an interesting Discourse on flatpak:

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A good site to sign up to,

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BackTrack was the old name of Kali Linux. These people and the ‘mooshoo’ clan found a major error in an HP Server, they sent their findings and never got a response from HP!

The video below is not what you think - it’s a response to a redditt post!

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Anyone running Linux on Windows 10 using WSL need to think again: