Linus Tech Tips – Daily Driver CHALLENGE (Must Watch!)

Since this is an ongoing series, I will be posting all these video's, as they release, in this thread, to keep things organized. I've been waiting for this series for quite awhile, and LTT finally released their first part video on it. This is a very exciting series, and I highly recommend that you watch it.

Linux HATES Me – Daily Driver CHALLENGE Pt.1

Observations from this weeks episode...


I am really surprised that happened to Linus when he tried to install Steam on POP OS. I have installed POP OS on two machines, one from 2012, and another from 2021, Steam on both of them, and that has never happened on either of my machines!

Having said that however, for the meantime, it looks like Manjaro is working out for him, other then his sound issue, which is quite common in Linux, probably needs to install his drivers. I also agree with Linus about what he says, in regards to Linux jargon. Even I can admit not all beginner users understand this stuff.


Luke chose to go with Linux Mint, and he appears to have had a much better experience out of the box with it. Also, Luke appears to have greater Linux knowledge from the very start, with his previous experience with it. So that no doubt has helped him in this challenge.

Unlike Linus who had quite the shaky start, Luke appears to be having a better time. We will know more as time progresses with new video updates, which I of course will post here. I am really loving this series so far, we get to see two primary Windows users, dabble in Linux.


Oh Mint. My first linux... To have an easy life with Linux, needs to have a patience with researching. Just my opinion.

Black arts in Linux.. :sweat_smile:

I think the reason why during his installation in Pop_OS, Linus got a black out screen is because something happened to libraries. Which is often I always be wary when I remove or install cause any installation can affect the system, especially in Linux world. Like when I install brave, keyrings pop up because in its installation it will trigger keyring. If I uninstall that part that triggers the keyring in Brave, it will affect GIMP. My my. Hahahahahah.


I enjoyed the video! All I can say for certain "Thank Goodness for Zorin OS" I have had no trouble aside from me thinking I knew what I was doing with drivers. Ha!

But Zorin has loaded for me no problems and is running my M$ stuff. Pop! OS looks very much like Zorin from what I saw.

Like the series will watch entirely, TYSM

Again Thank goodness for Zorin OS!!


Zorin distribution what i never heard have some problems on websides about politic dev. Security od another battle like pop os with gnome. Future creating a Linux and people. Two brothers is peace choice - bigger team more ideas and solutions?

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This is NOT going Well… Linux Gaming Challenge Pt.2

Yep, thats Linux alright, sorry boys, but your just gonna have to deal with it and make it work, just like we all have to.

FYI: I have left the forum and no longer participate here. And while this post may feel like a contradiction, please note, I made a promise, and I don't break my promises, so I will keep this thread up to date.

Your welcome!

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Hey StarTreker, PM'd you. Hope you think this over. Miss you man.


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Okay finished watching part 2..... They are having heck with Linux OS that they picked. Should have gone with Zorin!!!:roll_eyes: You knew that was coming...

I'm not a gamer (sorry guys & gals), so it is neat on one hand for me and funny as they struggle. However, I am a music and image guy and as I watch on my OS I love the image quality of mine. Picture is SO much better on Zorin verse M$ and I'm chuckling as they say things about reference to M$.

However, I now am thinking of branching out to games. Just due to the images I see on the games. What a ole guy like me gaming ? Nonsense, rubbish! Ha Ha

Question: Is it that hard folks setting up for playing like we see them struggling?

Well, we will see what next week holds for the program...


This is FINALLY Getting Easier...

This is the 3rd installment in the Linux Daily Driver Challenge series. According to their latest WAN show episode, they are all done with the challenge by now, it took awhile for them to get these episodes out.

I am watching the video as we speak so I have no further comments on it for now, so we will be watching it together. I am just happy that I have been able to keep up with it, as soon as the episodes release, so I make sure none of you miss out on them. This is important stuff guys.


Favorite episode so far! They point out arguments we deal with on the forum weekly, if not daily. Should Linux or should not make things easier or Windows like/Mac like for the transition to Linux. That was one....

And is Linux for the common daily user or those inclined with developer skills/power users.

I think yes to both it should work for both while retaining it's ability to provide as a inventive system.

IMHO in order for Linux to take the bigger market part it will have to appease to average user that games/surfs/emails/shops/etc.. while offering the functions that has made it separate from M$ and Apple.

Having made those comments, I'll also mention that those use to the other ways will have to understand that they will have to come accustom to the difference as well.

I don't have the answers to how that will happen....but this is fun and happy you turned me on to it. :wink:


I agree Bubby!

There needs to be some compromise between the developer and the user. Arch users are always gonna be Arch users, they want the full power to do everything in the universe, as complicated as can be, as cumbersome as can be, as long as they have the full power and tools to do so.

But your average user and gamer, don't care about any of that stuff. They want to be able to surf the web, stream video's, do gaming. And yes, the occasional production and or zip compression. And transferring files among the network as well.

It was really good to see all of this between those two. The thing that I really love about those guys, is their honesty. They are showing the real world deal you know? This is how it actually is for us Linux users. Not everything is Rosy with Linux.

Because of their honest however, they also said, nothing is rosy with Mac and Windows either, both have their problems as well. I really wasn't surprised when Linus had no issues with his printer though, cause I never had any issues either. Although, we know that some have come on here who have had issues.

These issues need to be worked on though, cause its like Linus says, you want people to take Linux seriously, and switch to Linux, then you gotta make it more user friendly. Cause like I said before, not everybody is Arch users. Most people are not like that.

Most people don't want to be challenged to the point of pulling their own hair out, out of frustration. So yes, a middle ground would be excellent for sure. I think that Zorin OS gets us as close to that middle ground as possible right now.

However, having said that, I think many of us can agree, Gnome, is the elephant in the room, that is bringing some of the negative to Zorin OS, of course, it depends on what you are doing. I think Zorin OS will improve even further once LITE is released.

I really enjoy the video's as well, especially the last one. And its like they both pretty much said, its important to bring all this to light, so that developers, like the Zorin brother's, can correct these issues, and make things better.

Even though neither of them were using Zorin OS, they were however using Linux. And people gotta remember, Linux being open source and all, is a team effort at the end of the day. So the decisions that the Zorin brother's make, effects us all.

So, thats why I say, if any of these issues are present in Zorin OS, then I would hope the Zorin brother's would correct these issues and bugs, to bring forth a smoother experience, for users who want to make the switch.

It is also true that many MAC and Windows users have high expectations. This is because people are used to the advantages they are used to, and they expect that on Linux. People just want to get rid of the negatives associated with Windows and MAC, and who could blame them?

So it sort of sets a high bar for Linux developers. And I must admit, having that kind of pressure, must make it difficult for the dev's to try and achieve that high level bar. But you know what? If you don't constantly challenge yourself, how are you to be expected to make a better product?

This is why I myself have high hopes for Zorin OS 16 LITE. I am really hoping it will be a smash hit of pure awesomeness! Cause we need that right about now. And hopefully, Linus and Luke will try out Zorin OS one of these days.

Mint is OK, better to go in my tea though lol. And I wouldn't even touch Arch like Linus did at all. I am just sorry his first experience with POP OS went so terrible. I still really like POP OS guys, make no mistake. But I just had certain annoyances with it that I would have liked, if could be improved.

Unfortunately, the System76 dev's don't bother monitoring other Linux OS forums, otherwise they would have found my posts about the issues I was facing and correct them. I have no other way to contact them otherwise to report bugs and things.

But yeah, Zorin OS really is the best. But yeah I get it, hardcore Linux Arch users are always going to be a thing, but they make up a small percentage nich market. If you look at the majority of users, they just want something that works, and dont' need every most powerful tool known to man, to change the world.

Again, I am really glad you are enjoying the series as am I. Its important to talk about this stuff. Your so stellar :star2: Bubby!

I'm leaning towards KDE Plasma (I've made it no secret) as it really has what I'm looking for...I hope LITE is something for me. I use Zorin OS Gnome 16 Pro as my everyday. I'm currently using my Arch tablet as I'm chilling in the living room, feet kicked up on the ottoman with the oversized television running this Saturday.

But, hopfully a KDE DE will be considered otherwise I'll use another OS for enjoyment MXlinux and Garuda are running neck in neck at this point. MX is leading in OOB install, but the latter has some neat functions. Manjaro just wasn't for me...had quirks

Look forward to next week and my learning or the gaming that most you guys like(never got into it...but music and film I Love)

The problem sometimes people afraid changing something in life. Some could be a humor what you can change in life or not.
I must sayed one the linux save old electronics. People who using M$ or Apple are learned if something broken you don't have a warranty buying a new. Many tons electronic trash. The problematic corporation afraid that. Linux after 30 years is much better what before. Internet help with more channels show people how linux to install,using or fix problems with driver.
Now when price electronic going very up. Besides on the earth some place in countries are more old retired people what young. Linux for programming,office and simple games are best.


Finally, after a long wait, we have reached our finale with this challenge...

The overall consensus is, Linux is not ready for the hardcore gamer, and it most certainly is not ready for VR. The good news however, is that Linux is getting better with gaming every day, however slow, it is getting better.

And just as Linus was saying, once the Steam Deck gets released this year, Linux for gaming will get even better still. But Linux simply cannot compete against Windows when it comes to compatibility in the gaming market.

Some games work right out of the box, while other's do not. I have noticed this as well in my own experience. I find that games that have DRM attached, often do not work at all, regardless of compatibility layers like PROTON.

And while some people often mention to use hacks to get around DRM, those don't always work, and since hacks often involve shady business practices, they often times come with virus's attached. This is why I caution against the use of hacks.

I feel that if a gaming company doesn't care to remove DRM on a 10-year to 20-year old game, that isn't making them anymore profit anyways, then you don't need to play that game. If a developer doesn't care to fix issues to make things more compatible with Linux, then why use software that has no support?

Part of will make gaming better on Linux in the future, is when gaming companies start considering Linux more seriously for gaming development. And I believe that push will probably happen, once the Steam Deck has been released.

Gaming developers will finally then, have incentive to make games for Linux, once their is a console device made for Linux, which is of course, the Valve Steam Deck. So I believe patience is key for those of us in the gaming field.

But I do agree with Linus and Luke, it is very clear to me that Steam with PROTON has much better gaming compatibility then that of Lutris. But keep in mind guys, what is the main point of this entire challenge? Do you remember?

Can gamers who are complete beginners to Linux, install Linux, and begin gaming on it right away without doing a bunch of hacks? And that is where the waters get muddy. The answer is no. Because while for some games, yes that is indeed the case, but not for all of them.

And Lutris requires more configuration then Steam does to get running. Every opinion and fact that Linus and Luke presented over the course of the last couple of months is, can a complete beginner to Linux just install and be ready to go and play games as easy as pie out of the box.

Again, the answer is an obvious NO. Beginners will be forced to comb the internet with their Space Balls giant desert comb, looking for the answers to hopefully fix their issues, and get them going. Beginners are not going to want to do all that.

But the next question is, how much would a beginner willing to go through, if they really don't want to go back to Windows? Cause I feel that if they really truly don't want to go back to Windows, they will force themselves to comb the internet for their answers.

Having said that however, if a beginner is not serious about switching to Linux, and is just checking it out to have something to do, their are very unlikely to stick with Linux, when they realize they need to input 20-commands in terminal to get them going.

Everything that Linus and Luke did, is from the beginner perspective on things. And boy did Linus have a very rough start in his part 1. I still to this day can't believe that happened to him. I never had that happen on POP OS just after install!

Now, I had a different issue with POP OS, but nothing like that. My issue that I had was different, and my issue didn't crop up, until I did something I shouldn't have done, which was almost a year later after the initial install of POP OS.

I learned a lesson. But even though I learned a lesson, I still have no idea why loading that file, caused copies of my home folder directories, to get placed onto my desktop. I still have no idea why that happened, makes 0 sense to me.

But either way, Linux can be a make or break experience for people, weather they are simple a home user, production user, or gaming user, or a mix of both, or all three. Linux either works, or it doesn't work for people.

But from the beginners perspective looking at things, its clear that Linux has further to go in the gaming field of things. OK, when I make a promise I keep it. Which is why I spent the time to post all this. And now that its over, I am finally cut free from making updates here.

Returning to the void where its safer...


Finally, I've been waiting for the next episode... will watch later and share my thoughts


Linus tech tips is the least technical, most overly dramatic youtuber. His clear lack of technical ability is highlighted in this video. This is trash TV. This video has been thoroughly rebutted by actual technical, proper linux users and contributors.

He is a paid shill, and has very little knowledge of computers - besides there's no money in desktop linux to promote it, so no one is paying him to be nice to Linux. Just a hitjob probably sponsored by M/S.

You mean very diffrent from example this channel youtube.

Finally got around to watching this.... So it seems that the Best way to game is on a console still. Just works as it should! PlayStation is the way (or XBox). I'm not a gamer as yet..but my wife and I are looking at this with what we watched. But Linux is very good in many ways and I will not be going back to M$!! Everyday use is prefect for me with Linux and for that I'm grateful to have ventured out and away for the World of Windows.

These guys were fair I feel in the series, companies that make game do so to pay their bills. Just as musicians and auto mechanics etc...

If only one percent of Linux users invest in products it's just not worth it to them. I understand and respect them for it.

Everything for free is a nice concept, but not reality.

guess a PlayStation 4 is in my future to learn games and enjoy them. Hopefully Linux will gain some strength as I think it will this year and next, giving the personal computers a better ability to compete in the gaming world.


Linux is alot stonger with games compared to 5 years ago. Every game i played in Windows is working great in Linux. I don't like consoles, some of them are lower in quality compared to pc + pc can mod games and console cannot.

I've never had a console (aside from my children with Nintendo and Sega) I went to arcades to play games. So I know little about them. Dragon's Lair Defender those types of games I enjoyed. But I would like to get a working knowledge as the graphics look neat.

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