Old tech vs. New tech

OMG, people who use computer's today have no idea. Back in the 90's, I got a lot of quality experience with MAC computers. The time it took your average MAC to boot into System 6, System 7, System 8, or System 9, took forever!

Yes, its true, depending on the hardware in the MAC, is how fast it would boot into the OS. But reality is, MAC OS had so much junk it had to load in the way of extensions, that the process usually took a couple of minutes.

I stopped using MAC's when they switched to Intel CPU's, so I have no idea if they sped up their boot times or not.

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You got it. Back in the days of dual floppy boots, it wasn't unusual for 3-4 minute boot times, and that was DOS ...

I use a number of different computers, my own and the railroad's, all i5 or i7 with NVME or SATA SSD's. On the i5's, button-to-screen is about 15 seconds, on the i7's a bit less. In comparison, Windows (I don't use "fast boot", so it is metal to screen) usually takes about 30 seconds on the i5's and 25 seconds on the i7's.

But I laugh when I read that younger users think that 15-30 seconds is forever ...

Now, let me tell you how I had to walk uphill to school, both ways ... :stuck_out_tongue: Oddly, that's true -- there was a steep hill between our farm and the school, so I had to climb that thing twice a day.


Something tells me that we belong to a same age group...
Mine was 8 inch.


Well, my floppy disks were ... although my first PC floppies were 5.25.

Yeah, I think we are roughly of the same vintage.

First contact with a computer.


64k of RAM. Rolling with the Big Dogs, now.

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That means why i still liked more PC with keyboard and not with touch screen some mobile app or something? That means I am still in Ice Age?

I almost want to start a new thread on this...

But no.

Who here has an Android Phone?
If so - how do you disable hotspot (without netsearching)?
How do you change one individuals notification ringtone, but not their call ringtone (Without googling)?
How do you change font and / or font size (Without using the duckduckgo)?

How do you go back One Page on the eBay app without it backing all the way out of the app?

Why is Cake Browser such a big deal?

The problem with Mobile is that cell phones have too many settings and not enough input devices. For doom-scrolling on the bus, it is no big deal.
But imagine trying to actually - Do Work - in an Android Environment? You would lose your mind trying to.
The problem with Windows and with Gnome is that they blindly think that just because Android functionality is "trending" and "popular" that they should mimic that minimalism and lack of functionality on a WORKBENCH.

Sometimes, I think a person should have to get a License to operate a computer.


My first personal computer (as opposed to a mainframe or midrange) was an IBM PC (8086) at work.

The first computer I owned was an Epson Equity I (8088) and Epson DOS.


As I remember, it cost me over $3000 and I thought it was a bargain. A year or two later, my local computer store put in a 5MB hard drive (about $500). It was an internal with a black front (didn't match the computer and looked patched on), but I was thrilled at the speed -- and enough room to store two lifetimes worth of data. LOL

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Not me.

Well, I suppose you could read the owner's manual ... as in "When all else fails, try following directions." :crazy_face:

Because it is chocolate?

Is this rhetorical? I only ask because I can answer all of these if you really need...except the cake browser...I don't get that either. LOL


And I admit that I did not really take the time to come up with better examples.
But the point is that any intensive work cannot be done in such a very limited environment. A phone is fine for very basic actions or basic reading... But you cannot use Inkscape on it. Or Blender. Or any Detailed and laborious work.
A Computer is for that kind of work.

The concept of mimicking the Wrong Environment on a Workbench is Absurd.

Cake Browser supposedly is built and structured in a way to actually perform logically on a limited Mobile device, rather than being half-adapted to doing so, like Firefox Mobile Browser is.

Goes towards the right tool for the job. Unfortunately, common sense is not so common anymore. I kind of figured that was your intention, just picking. lol

Exactly. Phones are for talk, text, checking the weather radar, and light web browsing if you aren't near a computer. That's all.

Huh. I thought he had finally retired his 1993 Nokia and bought a smartphone. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Nokia is to new...I'm using a motorola by Nextel!

You are not far off. I held on to an Sanyo RL4930 for a very long time. Eventually, the battery went out and there was no way of replacing it...

Getting in, I set it on the roof of my truck and forgot.
When I realized and went back to look for it, it was in the road, run over several times. Everything still worked and the screen was unbroken.
They don't make 'em like that anymore.


lol. Don't you heard gaming mobile? Where procesor is burn and everything in mobile start crashed then they told you when you writing to android some games complain why this is crashed - they answear you have a poor mobile specification. I also looked what app not using and another many trash what I never used on mobile. Mostly for text msg and call. The best option older mobile with android lollipop you cannot install any app because you have information your version android is low and you need some higher version. So they want tell me I need to buying new mobile with higher version android to use some application. Isn't this some tricky market? Battery mobile with processor SoC with 1Tb 16Gb ram, 7" amoled or lcd and what could be more eating battery if you don't used them often. Bluetooth and wifi application, because now everyone using apps.

This could pose a hazard for a car which runs over it.

I remember this old news - a businessman fend himself from a lobber with this "Brick" and the lobber needed a hospital treatment thereafter :wink:


I got my first smartphone (an Apple SE 2020) in May 2020. My husband and I decided that we were obligated to spend our COVID money to boost the economy rather than throw it in the bank, so we each got one. I don't turn on Cellular Data unless I need it for something. I'd be surprised if I used even 1GB of Cellular Data since I bought the thing. I did spend $3 to buy a "Hamster Dance Song" ringtone, though, and that is my nod to the consumer economy.

Before the smartphone I had a series of "rugged" phones of one kind and another. I remember that one spent several days in a cornfield before I found it, and another was lost out on the train tracks for a week, no harm no foul in each case.

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Oh uh it's happening again... we've derailed off-topic. Perhaps we should move this to its own thread?

p.s. Punch card computers are no more :(((