Realtek RTL8821AE

Hello I'm new to Linux and my computer which is a lenovo ideacentre 310s it's connected to the WiFi but after a few minutes or hour of been connected (example: I can be watching a video on YouTube then its connection seems to drop but doesn't disconnect just doesn't allow Internet access) I've been trying to find some king of solution to resolve it but I'm struggling on my additional drivers its saying my
realtek semiconductor corp: unknown
This device is not working.
Using dkms source for the r8812au network driver
Do not use the device

I just unsure if you use that driver

I'm not 100% great with all the terminal variations that can be typed in either

Any help to try resolve this issue would be appreciated

Have you checked this page?

i will give this ago see if it resolves it


That didn't seem to solve my dropping of connection

OK. Time to ask a help from other volunteers.
@Aravisian @Storm @337harvey @Michel

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sudo apt update
sudo apt install rtl8812au-dkms

If that did not work your card can use these drivers as well

That is on my additional driver I just didn't know if I should I install that driver with it not been the driver for my card and would that maybe solve my connection dropping

should i install it

Yes it's a driver for your card. Try and see if it works.

That driver is universal and should work on your card as well.


Up to now its working I will report back if connection drops at some point to see if anyone else has any other suggestions how we can stop that happening

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My connection dropped I'm not sure what else could try to stop it dropping out it never used do it on windows but I was getting sick of windows so took the opportunity to try out new OS

If all fails, here is another solution.
All of them were tested by me personally.


Have you disabled power management yet?

CTRL ALT T to enter terminal.

xset -dpms

Please reboot after you have finished running these commands, then report back after you have run the OS for awhile. Hope this helps fix the issue.


Good point, since he is able to connect, but then it later drops. The power manager may be killing the net process.


Never realize realtek have this problem with Linux. Hahahah I'm using one though whenever I feel the internet not working, I just reconnecting it since after that it went back to normal and isn't as frequent as the OP.

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My laptop has a Realtek too, never have issues with it ?.

Realtek is the most common netowrk card. I also have only ever had Realtek and never had issues. But... It really depends on which Realtek card. Some cards are better supported than others. Most are well supported.

I think this has resolved it thank you all for helping a newbie out

Hello CJ!

I am super glad to hear that. If you don't mind, since my post was the resolution, please go to this post and mark it as solved, thank you...

Actually Realtek is NOT a problem.
Newer chipsets which are not yet supported in kernel level is a problem.

That is why almost all older 150 bps WiFi modules are supported OOB in Linux, while anything faster than 300 bps requires users to install drivers manually for them with a few exceptions.