The Shameless Plug Thread -Post your work

8:46 now released. No, that is not exactly a clock in the Titlebar.

Contained within /usr/share/themes/846/ is a file "In Memory" that explains the background and purpose of this theme.

To Install on Cinnamon, XFCE or Mate:
Focal and Bionic Repository:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:aravisian/gtk-theming

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt install 846


Coming Soon:


transparent theme for XFCE 4.14 or 4.16
Cinnamon or Mate

XFCE users need to open Window Manager Tweaks (Comes with XFCE) and Enable Display Compositing in order to have Transparency.

This is a teaser; scrollbar and other features will be changed within the week...

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Predator is now completed and released:

Available on Bionic (Zorin OS 15), Focal (Zorin OS 16) and Hirsute (Ubuntu 21.04) repositories.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:aravisian/gtk-theming

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt install predator


I am Most of the way through this... Perhaps another week and a half to two weeks.

To wit:
I have added a Gnome-Shell theme to predator theme:

I will NOT be making any other Gnome-Shell themes.



Original by Pixstudio - Treetog
This is an adapted to GTK3 for Linux version... a bit toned down...


Named for the Tranquility base for the Apollo Lunar Landings (due to its Moon base appearance):

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:aravisian/gtk-theming

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt install tranquility

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt install copperdeck3

Plomb Icon set

Images in the link above.
Plomb Icon set (red icons) made for the Plomb theme but can be used with any.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:aravisian/iconsets

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt install plomb-icons

Coming soon:
Hornet for XFCE, Cinnamon, Mate, LXDE... But not Gnome.

I usually go for making dark themes in blue, even did Red once... This time, I decided to try Yellow.
The working title for this was "Stingy."
I did not change the icon set out to take a screenshot. With time and therapy, you may come to forgive me.


Hornet is now released and uploaded.
I will post a link to the Images and webpage when I have time later... You guys have been keeping me on my toes today.

Edit: NOTE - capturing the whiskermenu put all the Titlebuttons (Min, Max Close) into backdrop mode. I needed to edit this picture. Also, made it bigger.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:aravisian/gtk-theming

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt install hornet

Finally got around to a photoshoot:


I needed a break from Flat and Monochromatic theme making...

So here is Mercury

Cinnamon, Mate or XFCE desktops, app menus themed in automatically; ZorinMenu Lite, Stark menu, Cinnamenu, MintMenu, MateMenu, Whiskermenu

The concept of this black and white theme is that the icon set you are using sets the color tone. Icons in buttons will appear encased in glass (or one of those 3D gel stickers...)
Skeumorphism gone too far:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:aravisian/gtk-theming

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt install mercury

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In Honor of Freddie..???

Well, no... didn't think of him, at all, really...
I think that theme would be lots of white colors and sequins.

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I definitely bookmarked this thread .... you make excellent themes and it shows as tons of time and energy went into designing these ..... I'm looking hard at a couple of more choices but I sure do like my Copper themed Cinnamon .... perfect .... :+1: :clap:


can you post to odysee, I use odysee

That is actually a TESTING object, that I used to see if widgets lined up and the window borders did what they were supposed to... In the README file it states:
"If you installed this, This is for testing purposes only and will not remain up for long and will not receive updates."
I just wanted to ensure that some of the .css code wouldn't glitch that I would use on other themes. Odyssey is no longer in my repository.

But if you are using it... I will see about fixing it up and ensuring it is a full working theme for you.

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Finally have had enough free time to fix some panel and panel button issues.

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8:46 Updated due to Recent Events. Fixed titlebar button no-highlight - added 1-1-22 to Window Background.

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

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Tranquility updated to correct for a change recently made to window management / GTK in XFCE 4.16

Copperdeck3 updated to add clarity to XFCE4-panel sn buttons.

Azenis2021 updated to fix Text Highlight in Chrome or Chromium-based browsers.

Updated a large number of themes. Prowler will be updated within two days.
For those using an Aravisian theme, please run

sudo apt update && apt list -u

to see if any are available. If so, run

sudo apt upgrade


Antares for XFCE, Cinnamon. I have not yet installed Mate on the new machine, so Mate will need to be included in an update, later.

Cinnamon and Mate users only:
An Alternate Metacity Theme


That's cool looking theme.

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