Where can I find the command(s) that are executed when launching an application from the taskbar?

This issue (Annoying spinning cursor when launch some applications from taskbar but not through start menu and 'Applications do not launch from the Taskbar after some time' related to gnome-software?) keeps bothering me. If it happens I always get the spinning cursor both when trying to launch applications from the taskbar and from the start menu. The exception is Software, that still launches from the start menu. As a workaround you can search for the app in Software and then launch it from there or you can open a terminal, find the corresponding .desktop shortcut in /usr/share/applications, find the command and start the command from the terminal. Perhaps strace could shed some light on what the problem is, but does anyone know what command is being executed when you click on a shortcut in the taskbar? Perhaps the corresponding .desktop shortcut is executed, but what command tries to execute that shortcut?

The command is the launch command. For example, if you are launching Gedit, your launcher command could be gedit %U

A panel shortcut is not a separate instance to be launched, just a redirect to the launch information for that .desktop file.

For your initial problem:
Have you yet tried:

sudo apt install appmenu-gtk2-module



appmenu-gtk2-module is installed, the version is 0.7.3-2. I think ultimately the launch command is started as you say, but I think 'something' is in front of it, as when this problem happens applications do not launch anymore from the taskbar, but if you open a terminal, find the contents of the corresponding .desktop shortcut, find the launch command and execute that from the command line the application does launch.
Today I find out that when this happens and I launch Zorin Appearance, change the appearance to what looks like the classic Gnome 3 layout (the appearance does not have a name, but I have 4 layouts I can choose from, its the one on the bottom right) applications do launch from the taskbar. If I then switch back to the previous layout (the one on the top left) applications do not launch from the taskbar. After say 10 minutes working in the Gnome 3 layout there is a quick 'flash' like Gnome 3 resets itself, and if I then switch back to the previous layout applications launch again from the taskbar.


Can you please try

sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-appearance zorin-appearance-layouts-support

Done! I will let you know if it helps.


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I have reinstalled zorin-appearance but the problem still occurs. Any other ideas? 'What' tries to launch the application when the application is clicked on the taskbar?


Launching any service is an init and therefor on Zorin OS, most initializations fall under systemd.

This is an example of the X -> Y problem.

You are seeking a resolution to the faulty Appearance Layout, not seeking init software.

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