Zorin 16 beta experience

Issues: Live USB does not complete boot, Resolution, USB persistence, Sound, Themes, Icon size changing option.

I've only used it for a few hours since I installed this last night.

Install: I used Brasero to burn the image on a DVD and then installed. There was a md5sum check (~10+ minutes) in the beginning, which I don't recall seeing in any of the Z15 versions. Other than that the installation was as with Z15.


  1. Right-click taskbar for System Monitor, Zorin Appearance, Settings.
  2. Taskbar settings.
  3. Fast boot. I noticed Lite 15 (at least Ultimate) was fast boot but Core (I never got around to trying Z15 Ultimate Gnome DE) was slow.
  4. Nice to see Trash has a bulge if it isn't empty.
  5. Easily change desktop background without messing with the Pictures folder.
  6. Desktop icon placement is more ordered with the grid (?) placement.
  7. Clamtk update issue is resolved.
  8. On Z15, I had problems installing latest Wine given WineHQ instructions and had to use Aravisian's process to get it to work. Wine 6 (latest, as of writing this post) now installs fine with WineHQ instructions.


  1. Resolved by Aravisian: I can't use right Alt key to: Alt-tab between windows; Fire up the terminal.
  2. Taskbar disappeared. Reinstalled on Synaptic. Logged out and back in. It reappeared. Happened while VLC was open and then the screensaver kicked in.
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Will this tip with Gnome-Tweaks help?

Open "Tweaks" (aka "Gnome Tweaks") go to Keyboard & Mouse > Additional Layout Options > Key to choose the 3rd level and put a check mark on Right Alt never chooses 3rd level.


I assume this is the new thread for Z16 Core Beta feedback. So will copy my posts here:-

I have had 2 failed attempts to "Try" Z16 Core Beta on my machine.

Both finish with a dark Blue desktop with white taskbar at top showing time correct at boot (then frozen) and a mouse pointer that does nothing.

This is a retrograde step for me as Z16 Core Alpha was fine running from that same 32GB USB stick.

I now tried selecting 2nd option - Try Zorin using safe graphics.
I now have it working but wrong screen resolution.

Something has changed between 16 Alpha and 16 Beta. I have never had this issue with Z12, Z15 or Z16Alpha.


Could it be a RAM capacity issue maybe 16Beta needing more than 16Alpha whilst using Live USB?

I tried reducing Persistence to 1024MB on the USB with Z16 Core Beta, but still cannot lauch Zorin Live disk with normal graphics. I have 2.5GB RAM.

Regarding graphocs, it is an old Centrino Duo laptop. No Nvidia or other exotic graphics. Video Controller is Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 950.

Other Z16 Core Beta feedback comments:
I have also found that USB persistence is still not working on 16Beta, as reported on 16Alpha. So my alsamixer tweak (which I still have to do to get sound to work through internal speakers) and other setting changes are not retained between boots.

In 15.3 Core, I have set a dark background taskbar (semi transparent) with a light theme. I can't seem to achieve that in 16Beta. I can't remember if I did it using gnome tweaks on 15.

It was possible to change desktop icon size by right click and dragging a corner. On Z16Beta it appears we now only get choice of "Tiny" and 3 other preset choices of icon size.

I've updated my OP with #7 and #8 under "Likes" (I can rename that if anyone prefers). I intend to edit and update the OP as I learn more. This should help keep this thread tidy and easy for the developers to read. Others should post their experiences as they wish, either on this thread or start new ones.

Thanks, that fixed it.

I was just posting my own experience but thanks for joining.

Zaba, with only having 2.5GB of RAM, your going to be forced to severely neuter the system by disabling a lot of features. Gnome alone is known for using 2.5GB of RAM to start with, then jump up to 4GB of RAM usage as time goes on, of course, that if you have more then 4GB of RAM it does that.

I have had no problem running Z15.3 Core with gnome. Is Z16 seriously that more hungry on RAM?

For me, it is using ~1.3GB on idle, that was the same on Z15.
I've added your issues to my OP - if I misrepresented anything let me know.

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@carmar, Not freezing in the normal sense.
Live USB "Try Zorin" does not complete its boot to the Try/Install choice page. It ends up stuck (OK I guess you could say frozen) with a blue screen and a white taskbar at top. Only way out is sit on the power button.

If I choose "Try Zorin with safe graphics" then boots to Try/Install and then on to desktop, but low res graphics.

Anyone know what "class" means in the other 3 boot options that are listed in the first menu?

Hi Zaba, hope you are doing well today!

Well, if you remember when Windows 7 came out, they were saying that Windows 7 could run on 2GB of RAM, but certain enhancement features had to be turned off, otherwise the OS used more then 2GB. Then when Windows Vista came out, it required 4GB of RAM no matter what.

Well, Gnome is a lot like that. It will function on 2.5GB of RAM, but not that well. But if you turn off any beauty enhancements, use very few extensions, you can get Gnome to function OK. With all enhancements turned on, you'll see Gnome uses 4GB of RAM, once running for awhile.

I have run Gnome on machines with 8GB of RAM, 16GB of RAM, and now 32GB of RAM. Its always been the same story, once running for several hours, 4GB of RAM usage is quite common. But again, all enhancements are on, I have not stripped the OS of its beauty lol.

So unless the Zorin team dev's have done some fairy godmother magic on their new OS16, if its got Gnome on it, its gonna suck that RAM. lol

Updated Issues #2 listed under my name on OP. Along that line, I also noticed that I can’t determine the process name for taskbar settings.

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