Zorin os 16.3 lite not showing wireless internet and icon, just showing Ethernet

You can disable TPM in your BIOS Settings.
TPM is used by Windows OS. It can interfere with other operating systems.

HP likes to hide the TPM device, even in BIOS. I am not sure for your make and model, but you may need to unhide it int he BIOS > Security tab. It will be listed as "Embedded Security Device".
Then, under Security > TPM - set to disabled.

If you are not seeing these in your BIOS Settings, you may need to search the HP site with your make and model for detailed instructions.

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I don’t have embedded security device also I think I have uefi not bios it says hewlett packard setup utility

Ok I found it never mind it was in security > device security

It says embedded security device device available and the other option is device hidden

Set to available, then set TPM to "Disabled".

I just set it to hidden now I don’t see tpm device

Please see here:

There is no tpm tho it was already on available

You may need to look for detailed instructions for your make and model on the HP Site.

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Found nothing useful

I was right the whole time lol I found a vid on YouTube and they did the exact same thing I did

I saw another forum like this and u responded saying to go on panel and all that and add status indicator but I don’t have status indicator

Are you referring to this post in this thread?:

The thread title says Zorin 16.3 Lite, your profile lists Zorin OS Pro.

I’ll link it wait

I’ll change that but here Wifi Icon is not showing on Zorin LITE 16

It’s lite now

There are two available plugins on Zorin 16 Lite;
Status Notifier Plugin and Status Tray Plugin.

I think in that post, I was thinking of the Status Indicator Plugin

When I meant Status Notifier Plugin.

Oh ok


So, I edited my post with the commands above - each command as a whole are in quotations. You can copy / paste if that's easier but grep is used in searching for patterns and requires a little more. Like, "sudo dmesg | grep -i wifi" <-- That's one whole command, which searches the dmesg output for anything related to 'wifi' also using grep -i wifi to show only output messages from dmesg containing "wifi". The -i flag shows strings 'ignoring' case, so capitol or lower-case letters, either one.

Give those commands another shot, should have more information spit out.. Like:

Screenshot from 2024-01-30 20-57-56

Also was wondering about the TPM status as well, Secure Boot will play with that for sure. But, try the commands again :+1: