Zorin OS 16 r3 and r4 incremental releases

We just made the r3 release of Zorin OS 16 Core fully available a couple of minutes ago (after it synced to all of our mirrors). This incremental release is simply a re-build of the .iso file with the latest software updates pre-installed (just like our r1 release in August). If you previously installed Zorin OS 16 there's no need to download this new .iso file.

Let's Encrypt (the SSL certificate authority we use on our servers, including our package repository servers) recently updated to a new certificate authority file. As a result, the system's SSL certificate authority files (provided by the ca-certificates package) needed to be updated to the latest version in order to correctly validate the newly issued SSL certificates. Because the previous Zorin OS 16 iso included the older ca-certificates package, whenever someone installed Zorin OS 16 using the previous .iso file and opened the Software Updater for the first time, they would see a "Certificate verification failed" error message.

The newer release includes the latest ca-certificates package which solves this problem and provides a much smoother experience for new users.

We briefly uploaded an r2 release with the above fix pre-installed. However, there were some security updates to the kernel as well as new NVIDIA drivers released shortly after we uploaded the r2 iso, so we created the r3 iso to include these updates as well, again to make the user experience smoother for first-time users.

To avoid confusion in the future, we occasionally create revised .iso files (denoted with the "-rX.iso" suffix) which include the latest software updates pre-installed. They're primarily intended to make new installations easier and faster, but don't serve any purpose for existing Zorin OS installations.
You can see the details about these software updates by opening the "Details of Updates" in the Software Updater.

r4 is currently mirroring and includes a fix for a theming regression in the Ubiquity installer which made the "Install alongside" option hard to see. We needed to re-build the .iso files as this issue affected the installation process.


Thanks ..........

Will this also be the same for those of us that have purchased "Zorin-OS-16-Pro-64-bit.iso" ?

It sure would save time when doing a full re install.



Yes, the Zorin OS 16 Pro .iso file has also been updated.

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Hhmmmmmm ..... I only see the 'Zorin-OS-16-Pro-64-bit.iso' when clicking on the

in the original email I received.


The Pro iso files don't have the "-rX.iso" suffix, so anytime you download a copy from our servers it will be the latest release.

You can find the latest sha256 checksums here: View sha256 checksums


Excellent, as this will solve a lot of problems that have been going on with updates. Glad to know that the download servers are being kept updated. Now they just need to be upgraded to handle the load lol.

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In todays updates, I noticed certain fixes to ensure some things (like themes) were optimized for XFCE. This demonstrates continued work on Zorin OS 16 Lite.

This is in addition to the above information of having sussed out and addressed the ca-certificates issue, which was a thorn in our paw for a while on the forum... As well as a series of other updates that needed to be compiled, packaged, changes and change-logs, uploaded and incorporated into the builds for r2 and r3.
That is actually a lot of work, some of it repetitiously tedious.

Since this is something I also do and am in the process of doing (albeit at a much slower pace and not anywhere near as intensive); I have a good understanding of the work involved.


many thanks :+1:

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Maxwell-J, welcome to the forum, by the way.

cheers :+1:


Yes indeed, welcome to Zorin OS 16, and the ZorinGroup forum! Also, I'd like to thank you for supporting the dev's by buying PRO! You are positively stellar! :star2:

I love your pirate cat, so adorable. Maybe we could hire them for a job opening at Cat Technical Support. As you see, there is one less interested not at their post, your cat could step in.

Pro was an upgrade from Ultimate I used last year,
which was an upgrade from Windows 10 and it's predecessors dating back
to Win 2.0 mixed with quite a few oddballs like Coherent along the way

Started with CDC back in the '70's, Trash80s in the early 80's, then AIX, Solaris
and a few other oddballs

Settling on Zorin and Mint these days :sunglasses:


Funny, you really sound like me!
Currently happily running Zorin on the main desktop and Mint Cinnamon on the submachine.

Oops, I can only go back to DOS and 8 inch floppy days :nerd_face:

I can imagine that.
I hope @marko94 will come to this thread soon.
He was so disappointed for the lack of information regarding to this update in his last posting.

Thanks to a timely question by @Maxwell-J and the answer given by @zorink, I am in the process of making a new installer of Pro version to replace the original one. How I love the collective brains :slight_smile:

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I am here.

But I doubt that everything will be changed.
We need to make a thread with 50 messages or more , to make them speak :slight_smile:

I will wait lite version and decide if I am going back to Zorin or not.

At least, community is the best :slight_smile:

According to the observation by @Aravisian:

In todays updates, I noticed certain fixes to ensure some things (like themes) were optimized for XFCE. This demonstrates continued work on Zorin OS 16 Lite.

This sounds very promising :slight_smile:

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Or start talking about a Live Chat Session? :wink:

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For that probably best is to make some kind of poll and check what community thinks.

And than, someone, maybe from here (you) should go with that idea to Zorin brothers :slight_smile: sounds good for me

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I am planning something on that line.
You will see it in coming days.

I am confident that I have gained a enough trust by the key members to make that move.


Just please no switching to chatrooms only please, thats the latest craze that everybody is doing now days for some strange reason, that completely baffles me.

Just to name a few, the developers of the game Subnatuica shutdown their forum website this year, and moved over to some chatroom. There was nothing wrong with their forum, it was beautiful looking infact, they just didn't want to anymore.

The developers at System76 do not operate a forum for POP OS, they run a chatroom for that, a chatroom for which I got locked out from for some strange reason, and password reset emails do not function. Yes they technically have a forum on their System76 website, but its only for support request for those who bought System76 computers.

Far too many people are moving over to the chatroom design of things. Yes, I get it, the internet started with chatrooms, but the internet moved to website forums for a good reason, now they are going back to chatrooms. I don't like creating new accounts to chat for no reason, I especially don't like getting locked out from them.

So to summarize, NO CHAT ROOMS PLEASE!