Concerns about Zorin 17 development

I feel that there is a growing radical opinion against Zorin 17 on this forum. I am happy with Zorin 16, but I understand why people are not. If the development of Zorin 17 is delayed, I'm willing to give up some features. For example, direct updates may have technical difficulties.

But this is the feature most users want :confused:


removes the rock that he sleeps under I'm gonna need some enlightenment. What is this, direct updates, feature?

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Confused me too. You can only get updates from registered repos. Specific Zorin updates come from the Zorin repo. The only OS's with their own dedicated repos are the mainstream ones, Artix (arch-type without systemd), and unique ones like Ultimate Edition which is now arch based and developed his own software to convert all .deb packages to run/install to.

What we know about Zorin 17 is very little, so I cannot discuss it in depth. I wish I had more information.

Zorin 17 insights is all that is known. In their response they state the importance of having the direct upgrade feature. It sounds as if they're close to having it work to their standards.

Giving anything up to see the OS sooner is a moot point since none of these will make the OS appear any sooner than they have already stated.


What makes you feel this?
I have seen no radical opinions opposing Zorin OS 17 growing. I do know of and even support opinions against Gnome and changes that Gnome makes... The ZorinGroup is aware of this and takes leaps to offset Gnome Removals, turning Gnome into a usable Desktop Environment.
Zorin OS 16 is the only distro I ever found Gnome to be pleasantly usable on.
Even so, I opt for Zorin OS Lite.


The following topics make me uneasy.

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Don't be concerned, these are just opinions by users who are craving 'bleeding edge' OS's. I prefer stability and unbreakable system. If you have a high performance small car, you get better performance with good mpg. Not so with a Lamborghini and if you are not used to high power you are likely to crash on the first bend. I took part in a local Renault dealership virtual F1 racing simulation (6 wide screens with dummy F1 front ends that you had to climb into. I won my heat of Monza, Italy. So I was through to the final, Monte Carlo. We were given a first non-competitive attempted start and both me and another driver crashed into the wall on the first bend and the computer game commentator from TV told us we had each just trashed £250,000 worth for each car! In the actual final I made 3rd Place.

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From what I can see, I think there is just a sense of unrest since there has been so much press to all of the Gnome updates featured on Ubuntu/Fedora.

I've considered changing up distro's due to Zorin seeming a bit long in the tooth, but decided against it. Zorin has been pretty good, with just a few minor annoyances that I can't seem to solve. The biggest weakness to me is the file picker not showing thumbnails. Most of the sites allow drag and drop, so there is a workaround.

So, no change for now. Do hope that 17 freshens things up a bit whenver it shows up.



I have also noticed a drastic increase in coverage of "Latest = Greatest". Things are getting hot and certain elements in Linux are shooting Linux in the foot.

Generally, updating or upgrade an OS is very important for security, developer support, and new features. For example, Zorin OS 16 is based on Ubuntu 20.04, while Zorin OS 17 will be based on Ubuntu 22.04. I think that's important.

Newer version Zorin 17 isn't have fixed more bugs and better security? More drivers and software also higher Kernel.

I would not be concerned of their opinions. The same was said about Zorin 16. While then it didn't include the latest DE and features of it, it began with a higher kernel than Ubuntu 20 started with, already had the AMD improvements and the features were solid. There was an issue with the UEFI, but that was resolved within a week and a half of the reports of Dell issues.

I see the ZorinGroup, again, releasing 17 with a higher kernel, a lot of the latest stable fixes to gnome 43 and more optimization and features that weren't in Ubuntu 22 and have not been fixed in 23. The Zorin's do that. To ensure stability, they even fix Ubuntu and gnome. That's the user experience they want to provide. That is why Zorin is so solid.

The lack of communication and anticipation are both driving people nuts, in this immediate gratification age. Don't let them get to you. Zorin 17 will be the best, stable Linux distro, for a year anyway.


Yes. They don't lost a time for social chats or forums to have more time focus on they project.
That it make sense why they distribution always is smoothly,stable and fast.
I cannot sayed they repaired gnome 43 and ubuntu.Why? Because they are working on Zorin project and not a Canonical.
Solutions what they choice are best for Zorin linux not for Canonical or another brands linux distributions. Example is Nobara where the person focused on kernel and better a gaming.
We cannot a compare linux distributions from slackware,debian,ubuntu,arch and red hat. They all have diffrent rules,more people,sometimes diffrent a packages and solutions. Yes Zorin is builded on Debian and Ubuntu - but the project Zorin is vey diffrent and solution, also focused what they know is best for them and not hurt a Zorin with all that support,security and updates.

I was referring to the fact that the Zorin's go out of there way to make things work for stability and use experience. There are always gnome extensions that Zorin adds. This usually fixes functionality broken in gnome. Since they were one of the first stable distros to add the AMD optimizations, I say they fixed some of the broken aspects of Ubuntu. We will see the same for 17, with a compariblely later kernel to Ubuntu 22.04, integrating the latest stable gnome implementations. It's their way to implement such things in order to improve the experience and provide stability.


It will be also in Zorin Linux?

As an also Fedora user here I can tell people that the latest doesn't equal greatest. There're so many minor annoyances with Gnome4.x that it is a relief that I installed Zorin 16 Pro on my main machine. It just works(tm).

Yeah, Gnome 4 looks shiny, but there's more to a system than bling bling.

In Fedora when i put command journalctl -b -p err it always gived me bunch errors.

To be honest, the newest Gnome features, especially the new drop down menu, are indeed nice, at will certainly be missed from an Ubuntu 22.04 base for Zorin 17.